Have you ever been discouraged with something in life that caused you to feel stuck, scared or hopeless?  That’s not necessarily a bad space to be. Often, it’s the best space to be because you can earnestly say that you’ve tried everything you know. I believe that life is about learning and growing. And what I’ve come to believe is that both are intended to be on-going. Learn and grow, and then learn and grow some more, for as long as you live.

Learning and Growing Always Gives Us More to Look Forward To.

If you adopt this as a way of life then regardless of what life presents or how it leaves you feeling you’ll begin to expect that there’s a solution that is advantageous for all involved just waiting to be discovered, unveiled or revealed.

Everybody believes in the impossible because we know that “anything is possible”, but few believe that great results from bleak circumstances in their own lives are probable.

Perspective really is everything.

For every stuck, scared or seemingly hopeless place in your life, it is not just possible to have a positive outcome, it can be probable for you if you’re willing to learn more and adapt your thinking and behavior in that area.

So when you feel you’re at the end of your rope and you get new tools to implement, and do things that provide hope you’ll find that your rope extends; solutions appear, even better problems resolve on their own. But you have to be willing to believe in and align with what’s possible for you.

When you do, you’ll begin to gain confidence, even in what you don’t know. You’ll develop your mental and emotional muscles, and then favorable results will become probable in your own mind even when you don’t yet know how it’ll turn out.  It is in this space you’ll realize that if you expect answers to appear (and you’re not wasting energy afraid that they won’t) your rope never really ends.

Keep hope alive with your willingness to always learn something new, forsake something old and embrace what is. With this mindset, there’s always a new adventure that awaits you with new possibilities. You can learn to buckle up when it gets bumpy and just enjoy the ride!



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