You’re a unique square peg! The sooner you accept that the better off you’ll be.

The truth is: we all are unique square pegs, individually designed for our individual path of life and purpose, but because most don’t know this they gather false evidence about individual worth and purpose, and then like the followers most are, they all try to live up to things that don’t matter, and certainly don’t make anybody happy.

PROBLEM IS: Most Try To Fit What Society (Family, Peers, Mates, Particular Circles Within Your Sphere/Industry And Your Religion) Says You’re Supposed To Be.

So by the time you reach adulthood, having practiced resisting your own nature/individuality and doing your best to assimilate, you’ve forgotten who you are and what really matters to you, and you don’t know the way back to it.

Freedom, happiness, peace and joy are natural by-products of (locked in) all the things that differentiate you from the rest, not those that make you all the same.

Learning to Embrace Your Unique Design of Difference

If the things you’ve aligned yourself with (now self-identified with) are causing you stress then you’ve strayed from your nature.

Popular belief is that you were born a blank canvas. That’s just not true and it’s why personal growth should never stop – success in every other area of life depends on you making the best decisions for YOU, not to please others. Living trying to fit in, be accepted and bending to the point of breaking (for some) is not living. If this is you, you’ve got personal growth gaps.

Close The Gaps, And You’ll Find Your Own — Reserved Just For You — Reservoir Of Peace.

If, after, you decide what’s best for you happens to please others too, fine! But the moment you stop making decisions to suit the comforts of others (and society) is when you begin to align with life’s purpose for you. It’s also when you’ll begin to enjoy more of life. Sure, it’s easier said than done, until you do it! Everything gets easier when you put you first.

In order to stop living according other people’s desires for you and start to live UP to your unique, individual design you have to honor your individuality.

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Uniquely Yours,



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