Sometimes it’s a small change. Other times life knocks you with a blow that seems unimaginable! This might not feel good, but it’s the truth: every person will eventually know what it means to be devastated. If you haven’t already, you WILL have what I call your “Hurricane Katrina” experience (as I have, literally); when life as you know it is ripped from under you, or when you learn a “truth” about somebody who’s not who you thought they were, or when a condition is unveiled, or when you realize that nothing and nobody are as you’ve believed.

Whether it’s already happened, it’s happening now or it’s yet to be realized, here’s what you need to know: what somebody else does is NOT a rejection of you but an reflection of them. And to learn the truth about a situation is the point that you now know the truth, but the truth was there, and just because things drastically change your life doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life, but it does mean that you have to adapt to the newness, and with the same measure of the change. In other words, you must accept the whole truth, and live in the whole truth.

Living in truth isn’t easy, but it’s what it takes to move through it, and so that it doesn’t get stuck in you.

It is in that moment — when it’s happening — that you must also be appreciative for truth prevailing, and grateful for whatever is left even if it’s just the air you breathe. I’ve had many “start over” moments and here’s what I’ve learned: as long as I can breathe and learn, things can get better, and because it’s my belief, they always do.

Life Is Not Unfair! That’s my belief!  So life always match what I believe.

What Do You Believe? Your belief will always deliver that.

You can be hurt, even angry but never be the victim even if you temporarily feel like one. Always reach for a better feeling because when you label yourself the victim, you render yourself powerless.

If it’s a betrayal you must be grateful for truth because unless you’re operating based on truth, you live lies. Sure, it takes courage to live in truths. Heck, when they come they’re often inconvenient! But when you embrace that even timing is working for you, that perspective can help you to get forwardly-focused.

Pick up the pieces of truth for they will be the cornerstones that support your new life that will begin to carve what you will someday soon refer to as, a masterpiece.



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