Our World Has Changed!

They Create Chaos And Then Make You Beg For Order. If You're Brave Enough To See It Then You're Ready for "YOU, REDEFINED & PREPARED with ZARA GREEN

Have You Been Hit With So Much That You Feel Lost In The Sauce; Overwhelmed?

What If Things Are Happening Exactly As They Ought, And We Are All Here To Play A Significant Role In The Smallest, But Most Intimate Ways...Rebuilding Ourselves and Each Other For A Better Tomorrow No Matter Your Complexion Or Your Family History?
step 1


Many Are Just Waking Up To The Wrongs Of The United States On It’s People.

  •  That’s okay. When one wakes up is not nearly as important as waking up and what happens NOW.
  • Every person in the U.S. has been socially conditioned – Every Single One!
  • Don't concern yourself with those who have yet to awaken. You'll soon learn that each of us came for different things. They're not nearly as problematic as you think.
  • The gift of awakening is now knowing that you were programmed for how you've lived.
  • Everybody is off the hook, but not excused. So what now? It's A Personal Growth Game!
step 2

Living From Your Core

The Most Important Thing About You That They Kept From You

  • Nobody is born a blank canvas. Your were born with your own wiring; your own unique design of mental and emotional difference; your own Juju Mix.
  • You were born pure love, and without any biases. The conditioning is why you've betrayed yourself.
  • Social conditioning is the root of your 3 Hindering "I's": inadequacies, insecurities, and inferiorities. When you address the conditioning the Hindering I's will subside.
  • You gain living clarity for every relationship you have when you live from your core.
  • This is how you crush your specific conditioning.
step 3

Normalize Slaying Biases

Embrace The Evolution Of Your Life

  •  EFF the patriarchy, misogyny, and all the isms.
  • Resist your "normal" echo chambers.
  • Set an intention to courageously look at all that you fear in order to grow beyond the conditioning.
  • Imagine who you'll be after slaying the multitudes of ways you've been conditioned.
  • Embrace your individual personal growth.
  • Celebrate every slain bias.
step 4

Mindset Transformation

This is the Corrective and Recovery Phase

  • No Fear
  • Freedom from social conditioning. It won’t take long to become your own bias slayer, proudly!
  • Learn to live from your core, which is also a psychological label & Big Pharm slayer.
  • Close Your Personal Growth Gaps, which will then close other social divides.
  • YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS – you could have been born at any time, but you are here now.
  • EFF The Patriarchy!!!!!!!

Confusion about what to do keeps you STUCK and in fear of the future because of the past. Zara and Rebecca will help bring you clarity about what you specifically CAN  contribute to the racial divide as you are getting more grounded in who you really are; to PREPARE you for your specific, and our collective future.

The Problem:

If you're like most people 40's and over (some younger), even before the lockdowns and the pandemic you were tired. TIRED! Tired of what? Well, that varies greatly from person to person, but if you're here reading this, you've had your share of mental stressors and swayed emotions. The external pressures and mind control through conditioning was unnatural, but it was all many knew. Some saw the writing on the wall before 2020, others have awakened since -- all that matters is that you get into the driver's seat of your own life and recognize that you are more powerful than you THINK!

You're Either Living From Your Core Or Your Conditioning

The Solution:

Return to Self: every person has a place within that IS home; it's where you'll find ultimate peace -- and from there you can maintain your personal peace and power, no matter what! You'll need that safe space to remain solid as YOU grow, while those closest to you are finding their own balance, and while the world itself levels out. You will then know your role in all of it. Find and maintain your own center (which is different than anybody else's), first. 

There are many ways to address the position you currently find yourself in, but there is only ONE Order to address it:

YOU   >> Those You Love >> CommUNITY

That Is The Order. Any Other Order Is Out Of Order!

You Can't Bring An Ally Mindset To A CommUnity Effort

Are you helping or is there a true allegiance being formed from equals who understand the history and have done enough of the work to actually be living from your core, and not your conditioning? You bring with you who you are, and without growth beyond the conditioning it's a set up for failure and more conflict. 

If Video Isn't Above: CLICK HERE

Let's Talk About Race!

...not because I want to, but because we need to.

Along With Zara, Rebecca Will Be On The Weekly LIVE Group Calls As A Resource On Your Journey With You.



TikTok: @RebeccaLarsen

"If one of us are not free then none of us are free."

Rebecca is a dynamic multi-hyphenate creative who is always in search of projects that hold a mirror to the human condition, or as she puts it- “touch the art spot.”  This June, Rebecca directed Three Guys, One Groupon at the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and premiered her film Hey, Esther? at the Dances With Films Festival.  She’s a powerful collaborator who finds deep satisfaction in delivering material that makes its audience feel less alone, delighted, and nourished.  Rebecca is an unapologetic nerd and an avid lover of puzzles, mathematics, non-fiction, mastering new skill sets, behind-the-camera work, and hyphens.  If one of us is not free then none of us are free.  Liberation full stop.

Self Exploration with Zara Green


helps you to...

Finally be able to answer: Who Am I?

  • Master being YOU; your JuJu, and learn to use your innate special mix to your advantage, for your family and for your community.
  • Live and Love from your core; the best there is.  Establish the confidence to know what is best for you, and to genuinely connect with others.
  • Cut through the social conditioning that hinders your progress as a person, and blocks genuine connections.
  • Close personal growth gaps that permit divisive tactics
  • Live your specific life, not based on external generalities
  • Natural by-product is falling in love with self, and other people.
  • Learning with Zara's system, you learn to foster reciprocal relationships of (H.E.R.) honor, esteem and respect.
  • Clearly understand that you are HUMAN before any external attributes and appreciate it all for yourself, and all others.
  • Learn to master your energy

What Can "YOU, REDEFINED & PREPARED," working directly with Zara, Do For You?

The beauty in this work is that it tells YOU what you need to work on, and then you get to decide what else you want to work on. The foundation you gain about YOU puts you in the driver's seat of your specific life's circumstances. There will even be things that you didn't know were hindering you that will unveil through the process; even things you don't know how to reconcile will happen naturally.

This is a group training with options of 1-on-1 deep dive transformational sessions. You will learn with others who are experiencing the same levels of frustration and uncertainly, even fear and though they will have different challenges than you, together all will grow to levels of comfort previously unknown, learn from and develop compassion for each other's past experiences, present circumstance and plights, and even not knowing what is to come, at the end of the journey, together you will be certain like never before about what IS in your control -- and then the rest will dwindle in importance. 

  • Imagine you in complete control of your emotions; your life, regardless of external circumstances.
  • YOU, REDEFINED according to your natural design and desires. Free from labels (psychological, etc.) and fears, and free from social conditioning.
  • Whether you’re just feeling blah or need a major life transformation, you'll level up & clear out what’s not working (in life & relationships) while carving the path to create the life you desire and deserve.
  • Learn more about yourself and connect to new reasons for BEING that totally align with who you truly are.
  • Reconcile old experiences with new tools, and release them forever -- freeing yourself to live lighter and with purpose
  • Be freed from negative family conditioning.
  • Become The Champion for family still under your influence. 
  • Let go of societal-induced anxiety about the future.
  • Reclaim your natural infinite power within and learn how to wield it for peace, at will.
  • Develop the skills to love other's according to their design, not your default, and effectively lead those you love into their next best.
  • Develop a SOLID mental state with tools to maintain it.
  • Develop the skills to modulate your behaviors to your advantage, and to know when to mind your business.
  • Learn to love you more, and only give from self-loving places not other's needs.
  • Discover and hone your influence and persuasion skills.
  • Be a part of the powerful REDEFINED & PREPARED Community and be supported through the journey together.
  • Close personal growth gaps that make you subject to divisive strategies & learn to develop unbreakable unity regardless of historical issues.
  • Be supported throughout knowing that Zara is committed to your transformation!

When YOU REDEFINE Yourself Every Area of Your Life Dramatically Improves. When You Properly PREPARE (according to your design) for Inevitable Changes In Life, They Won't Devastate You when they show up!


  • Course Participant Size is LIMITED.

  • 2 Tier Options: ALL with Online Course Materials and 4 Group LIVE Q&A Clarifying Sessions.

  • TikTok Tier, weekly Private 1-on-1 Sessions 

> Uniquely Catered To Who You Are

> Specifically Focused On Your Life's Experiences

> Identifying & Closing Your Personal Growth Gaps

> Stepping Into Your Innate Fullness

> Preparing For & Equipped To Ride Your Next Wave

> Improved Relationships & Ready For Unity


Tier 1, TT Special

4 Week Course


  • Weekly LIVE Virtual Group Clarity Session and Q & A
  • Online Course Materials: Videos, Audios, Exercises & Workbook
  • Submit Clarifying Topics for LIVE Sessions

TikTok 1-on-1 Tier

...plus FOUR Weekly Private 1-on-1 Sessions (ONLY PAYING FOR 3 SESSIONS)

 $ 2991

  • 4 Private 1-on-1 Weekly Sessions
  • Weekly Session Wrap/Guidance Follow Up Email 

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If you are still vibing at this point we are certain that this transformative program is for you! It's not a magic pill. It's a preparation course to live more authentically, and in more harmony, and to make unity more possible for you. If you do not feel you are being prepared for the things we have indicated by day 14 of the course, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll put forth reasonable effort to help you out until you get better results or give you a refund on the course.

About The Course Teacher,
Zara Green

For the past 25 years, using her own system, Zara has returned thousands of people back to themselves. Best known for helping others to understand individual temperaments (archetypes) as a key factor of healthy productive life management and establishing self-love as the pre-requisite for a healthy relationship, Zara is a veteran corporate and personal growth trainer. She has a psychology degree, she created her own archetype system, and is a published author. She's a certified counselor and a Heal Your Life workshop leader based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.  She is personable, spiritual, and does earthly good.

She loves dogs and adventure, and she's currently living her best life as a digital nomad somewhere in Central America, where there's great Wifi!