March 23

There Is Nobody That You Can’t Live Without


There is absolutely nobody that you can’t live without. And the moment you begin to believe that to be the case is the moment you need to REEVALUATE and put some SPACE between you and that person because you are developing an unhealthy attachment, and vice versa — the moment somebody tells you they cannot live without you, it’s time to put some space between you because you’ve become an obsession and that shit won’t end well.

Remember this, NEVER FORGET IT, most relationships platonic and romantic will be for a reason; MOMENTARY! Much fewer than that will be for a season — while you’re in it you’re happy about the connection and you’re even productive together, at least for a while. But fewer relationships than you can imagine right now will be for a lifetime. Enjoy the journey. People will come and they will go just make sure you’re not making lifetime decisions with reason and season people.

Keep living and shit! 😉

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