She knows who she is… her strengths and her weaknesses. She knows what she needs, and she protects herself — mind, body and spirit — only those who respect her needs are permitted in her inner space. She embraces and accepts every single thing about her, even as they change. She never expects perfection from herself, nor others. She instead loves seeing life’s imperfect divinity; when things happened just as they ought not as are planned.

SHE KNOWS SHE’S ENOUGH: whole — perfect at every moment — for everything before her. She knows she lacks nothing.

She knows she’s not too short, or too dark, or too fat, or too old for anything her heart desires.

She knows that she IS A BADASS!

She regrets none of her past — NONE OF IT, is totally content with her present and with open arms welcomes her future — some of which she’s attracting intentionally, but most that life will totally surprise her with because she is very clear about what is in her control and what is not, and she is never confused about the two.

She knows, confesses and teaches that mistake is a myth and failure is fiction; life is a beautiful journey of the best decisions she could make at any given time, and it’s all ever required.

She knows that pleasing herself is the only measurement there is because her heart and her God’s heart are the same, thus no room for self-condemnation because to her and her God, love is all there is.

She wouldn’t serve a God that condemns her; that makes no sense to her brain.

She wishes you the same kind of peace that she has come to know: peace that surpasses all understanding.

She is THE Zara D Green!

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DO NOT NEGLECT personal growth and you’ll find as she has that #LifeIsNotUnfair.


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