Are You A Woman Who Gives Too Much? 

Learn, with other women just like you, to love and give from an already fulfilled and satisfying place, rather than giving based on everybody else's needs...even if you've you've never put yourself first before.


If you're like most women, especially 40 and over, you give too much. When you look over the course of your life you can see where you've given, often to your own detriment. the men in your life - boyfriends, husband(s), cohabitants. the children, yours and other peoples. your parents. your siblings. the neighborhood kids, and to communities -- the sick, the shut-in and the homeless. the churches, and their building funds. the schoolboards and other boards.

And the giving doesn't stop with energy and money...

You've literally provided all the things -- filling in all the gaps.

You've been a good person and have done what you thought you were supposed to do.


You genuinely want people to be happy.

You sacrifice your own happiness for others. 

You've done your share, and then some.

But WHY aren't you fulfilled? Rather than fulfillment, why are you feeling drained?

Where is Your Happy?

As a wife, you may thought the success of your marriage will be in keeping vows and following the rules in the "good book", but realized, there has to more.

As a significant other, you've believed a relationship is about compromise so you did all the things they said will make them happy believing that surely they will too, but now realize, there has more to it than that.

As a mother, you may have thought that your only rulebook for parenting is what your parents did, or did not do, so you took the good, and made better choices than they did and thought, surely your children will be better than you, but now you know, there has to be more to it than that.

As a person, you've done what society has laid out as the pathway to success and freedom in search of your happy, but you haven't found it.

When will it be your turn? 

Will they ever see all of your efforts or is this the way life will continue to be?

If you find yourself questioning your past decisions, or contemplating your current choices, and concerned for your future, you're not alone.

And if you're wondering if it's just too late to break the cycle...and get off of that drain train, it is not.

You can get on the path to living the kind of life that will, not just be satisfying for you, but one you'll look forward to.


4-Weeks To Reclaim Your Life

4 Weeks of:

3 Transformative Stages

Weekly LIVE Group Trainings

Online Course Materials

Q&A Office Hours

2-hour LIVE Workshop


  • RECLAIM your natural infinite power within.
  • YOU, Redefined according to your natural design and desires. 
  • Whether you’re just feeling blah or need a major life transformation, RECLAIM will help you to level up, to clear out what’s not working while carving the path to create the life you desire.
  • Learn more about yourself and connect to your reasons for BEING
  • Learn and grow with like-minded women who share your same frustrations, and with whom you will experience and celebrate similar wins.
  • Be a part of the powerful RECLAIM Community and be supported through the journey together
  • Experience the transformative power of RECLAIM from the comfort of your own home
  • When you RECLAIM Your Life, it dramatically improves every area of your life.


Like nothing you've EVER experienced before. First, REDEFINE -- we return you back to yourself. Then RECLAIM -- strip you of the damaging societal conditioning. And finally, we REBOOT -- celebrate your transformations and look forward to hearing about the marvelous lifelong ripple effects of your life.



You've been told who you are your whole life. Every person is born with a unique design that society suppresses, so when you're reacquainted with yours, it will feel like home.

1. Get back to WHO you were DESIGNED to be, and before the conditioning.

2. Learn the spectrum of archetypes so that you can understand everybody around you, and how they too have been conditioned.

3. Understand yourself and others to the point of understanding your weak spots and how they manipulate you



Equipping you to make your own decisions, based on who you are -- to do, or not to do. You'll also understand the motives, and recognize the tactics of those who have been manipulated you.

1. Removing insecurities, inadequacies and inferiorities, while simultaneously building self-esteem and courage.

2. Incorporating mindset management and emotional (energy in motion) stability training.

3. Your new life will begin to immerge as you start deciding what you want.



Return to the driver's seat of your life, and remain in control should you decide to let somebody else drive, knowing you don't have to ever surrender that seat again.

1. With clarity of WHO you are, and desires cementing, it's time to create the blueprint for your revived life.

2 Clarity in every area of life, so your relationships will transform around the revived YOU.

3. Many of the things you wanted to RECLAIM, but this time has likely already happened, 

About The Course Teacher,
Zara Green

Best known for helping others to understand individual temperaments (archetypes) as a key factor of healthy productive life management and establishing self-love as the pre-requisite for a healthy relationship, Zara is a veteran corporate and personal growth trainer. She has a psychology degree, she created her own archetype system, and is a published author. She's a certified counselor and a Heal Your Life workshop leader based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.  She is personable, spiritual, and does earthly good.

She loves dogs and adventure, and she's currently living her best life as a digital nomad somewhere in Central America, where there's great Wifi!