YOU, The Champion


4 Weeks (course, plus 1 weekly LIVE group call with Zara)

When you become this level of healthy, then everything about you gets healthier and their conditioning (societal and people’s) no longer works against you. And when you get healthy, your influence is healthy. You’re influencing anyway. Healthy, or not. Dysfunction and toxic are the default today, but don’t let it be your families legacy.

You become The Champion for those you love by BECOMING THE CHANGE!

What if what you believe are your flaws are really your gifts?

What if what they’ve considered problematic about you is simply in effort to control you?

What if what you think has left you “broken” is where the greatest strength will rise from within you?

What if all the things you’ve been conditioned to believe are wrong about you have been misinterpreted?


Soon, you’ll be operating from healthier premises, unlearning the destructive conditioning and simultaneously becoming EXPERT on YOU; a job that only YOU came here for and will soon be equipped to MASTER. When it happens for you, it can happen for your family too. This is the time to THRIVE in UNITY.

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