1 Clarifying Session


1 Issue/Resolution-Focused Clarity Session


This is a SINGLE issue, resolution-focused session to gain clarity on your pressing issue. General information will never suffice in resolving your specific issues, so let’s get specific and get you the clarity you need.

PRE-REQUISITE: This session includes & requires the completion of a 28-minute video training with 3 worksheets. These are for your own education and foundation and you do not need to submit them, but you do need to complete them. You will also be given a link to complete a brief questionnaire to submit defining the issue to be discussed on the call. The required training is the 1st step to clarifying ALL issues, and could make all the difference in the level of clarity you gain and it will maximize our time together. After purchasing, you will get an immediate email with a PDF with everything you need to prepare for, and to schedule the call.

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*This is also ONLY for 1st-timers. For all others, please use the 1-on-1 scheduler within your course. And if you need assistance, email:

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