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It's organized to build upon each other so while you can go out of order, you'll connect the dots easier by watching the video first, and then following with the 3 audio lessons.

Sit Back, Relax 'n Learn.

I Know This Is Possible For You

The mission is to help you see how you are uniquely designed to think, feel, act and react which naturally positions you for a life of high self-esteem, healthier relationships with influence on those you love, prevents mental and emotional breakdowns, reverses damaging effects from your life experiences -- alleviates past hurts and current pains -- all of which will set you up to enjoy the rest of your LIFE!



Disfunction is the Default 

After watching the video above this concept should be easy to grasp: most people don’t know their nature (temperament) but due to external expectations from family, institutions and society-forced conformity they are very familiar with their output (personality).

This process of grooming places high value on external things like approval from people and validation from institutions, and their barometer for success conditions us to chase money, stuff, titles, roles and when life gets tough -- to accept labels --to which all of these produce in every person what I call the “3 Hindering I’s”: (feelings of) inadequacy, insecurity and inferiority -- the byproduct-- individual malfunction. Then when you (the personality) interacts with another (personality) who, too, has malfunctioned, dysfunction is inevitable and therefore, the default.

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Self-Awareness Is Good,

But Individuality Awareness is Best.

Anytime I start talking about living by design and individuality awareness as the path to peace I get this question, “Yes, but HOW do I do that?” or “How do I know what that is?” And the other is a response from those who have started on a personal growth path just enough to see all of the flaws of others -- with psychological diagnoses, labels and all -- and then they regurgitate all they’ve learned and use that to declare how self-aware they now are. You know that by how many people readily accept labels along with how many are now called "narcissists". Well, the way most people become self-aware is from experiencing other people and without real emotional growth and transformation blaming is the default.  Even "narcissists" behavior can be explained and controlled through individuality awareness. But HEY, at least those regurgitators are on a personal growth path right? The problem with just self-awareness at all levels and merely speculating about others is that you’re still limited to what you THINK you know about others and only having surface understanding of yourself, which is fine if you live on an island, ALONE. But since you don’t...

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Keeping Up With the Speed of Change

THIS is the game of life and like any game there is a framework for how you play it and you have to understand it, and it’s penalties if you want to play it well and you cannot neglect personal development. The stakes are too high and you have everything to lose from family connections, to losing your mind and more. If you care about any of these things then THIS is where you START because we’ve all been dealt a hand in life. The question is; what level of efficiency are you currently playing yours? You know that by how you feel -- by your level of internal peace, and by the quality of your relationships, and by how eager you are to face tomorrow. You know it by how you handle life; it’s challenges and it’s changes. Are you comfortable in your own skin and with decisions you make and how they pan out or are you constantly questioning yourself, and your choices. Here are other ways to gauge it:

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When You Know WHO You Are and live FROM your DESIGN then your LIFE will be one of EASE even when it's not easy. 

You've completed the Mini Masterclass, CONGRATULATIONS!

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