July 17

Live YOUR Truth, Not THEIR Lies


Anybody who tells you that your personal truth is wrong because it makes them uncomfortable does not have your best interest at heart. Growth is about allowing everybody to have their own perspective/truth about everything and being okay with it even when it’s uncomfortable.

Family members are your life’s training grounds. What has yours trained you for? Most have trained you to lie about what is. Conditioned you to care more about hurting feelings than telling truths, which often means enabling in the moment or handicapping (the future of) the people they claim to love.

Just ACT as IF that thing (those things) did not happen; or it’s not as bad as it first appeared.

Every family has a culture…is a CULT! What has yours conditioned you for?

This journey is ultimately about achieving homeostasis (peace/balance) at every stage. That only happens when you live in truths. Are you ready to CourageUP? 

Life is not unfair. You just have to get better at playing the hands you’ve been dealt.

I can help you to choose YOUR TRUTH over everything! Your power, your progress, and your peace depends on it. 


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