LIFE: Fundamentals for Success

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About this course

Your Life Is Your Own.

Your Experiences Are Your Own.

Your Feelings Are Your Own.

Your SOLUTIONS need to be YOURS alone!

You can't permanently resolve anything in your life using somebody else's solutions. Your solutions are embedded in YOU, and your own life's experiences are purposeful!


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Informative, Educational, Entertaining, and  Transformative!

Among other things, this course will position you for the following:

  • Know Yourself
  • Love Yourself
  • Love Others
  • Free Yourself
  • Release Others
  • Be Authentic
  • No Bigotry
  • Help Others
  • To Just Flow
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Stop People-Pleasing
  • Interpret Other's Intentions
  • Stop Being a Sucka
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Budget Your Energy
  • Effectively Handle Bullies
  • Understand Your Children
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Know Your Worth
  • See Value in Conflict
  • Know Your Hard Wiring
  • Confidence
  • Living Clarity
  • Enjoy Life
  • Accept Others
  • Stop Fighing
  • Stop Pretending
  • Set Standards
  • Set Boundaries
  • Save Yourself
What's Inside:
  • 2 Audio Programs, authored and narrated by me, Zara Green (80 minutes)
    • Living in Harmony: The Art of Understanding Thoughts and Behaviors
    • Living by Design: How to Freely Be Who You Are
  • 40 page workbook with exercises to deepen your understanding; a process to sort, explain, validate and vindicate who you are, your experiences and with that you'll know how to proceed in your life to live as expert of you!
  • A video/audio mini-masterclass that will help shift your interpretation of things that hinder most people.
  • Other supporting video/audio resources
  • ...and more to be added (and listed) at no additional costs to you!
    • Downloadable Audio of, What Is Your Priority? An easy way to have it on-demand for easy listening and learning
    • Audio Lesson and worksheet: Change, Transition and Transformation: Learning to Embrace the Opportunities they Present.

Information is Good, but Nothing Beats Transformation.

Information makes you sound smart. Transformation is the process that ensures that you live what you've learn and are smart ; able to live the successful and authentic life you were designed to live as only you can.

Course Structure


Living in Harmony 2 Lessons

Message from Zara

Hello and welcome to LIFE Lessons with Zara. Please watch this video first