Parents, You Have 2 Options:

Be Your Child’s Champion For Greatness or Yet Another Challenge For Them To Overcome

People can and do become bullies and victims, but nobody is born neither,  if you have a child that has been labeled a bully or one who’s being bullied then learning the ways that we naturally differ is essential to your peace of mind, your child’s positive development and the foundation that will be laid for their mental and emotional stability, and ultimately their quality of life.

Labeling children “bully” or the “victim” is a lie, lazy and dangerous!

Understanding the natural elements that make up your child’s individuality — from temperament and multiple intelligences to the role environmental influences play — will increase your child’s self esteem, your bond with them and their confidence enabling them to successfully navigate life, eventually, without you. If you don’t understand these things and you’re labeling children then you are part of the problem.

Your Child is Unique And It’s Your Job To Learn How
Answers to “bad” behaviors are not one-size-fit-all. Your child is not like any other, neither should they be. If you have more than one child, they may have similarities, but they are different children with different ways of being. What works on/with one is not likely to work on/with the other.

The potential for conflict is inevitable.  Conflict does not have to create confusion and chaos, but if you as a parent haven’t learned temperamental differences and have intentionally become a student of your child’s nature (your child’s Priority) you are ill-equipped to champion on their behalf; you will not be able to effectively guide them through conflicts, giving way to confusion for your child and chaos in their life when they expect you to have the answers.

When you understand how each child is designed to operate, you’ll also begin to understand why your child is producing particular behaviors and you can then apply workable solutions that produce desired results for each child. Successful parenting and well adjusted children depend on you learning exactly this.

Here’s what parents realize by the time a child is 6 months old, that they’ve already begun to show you who they are. IF you know how to read the signs they’re also cluing you in on how to best parent them; they’re telling you what they need, what they don’t like and you’re already seeing some triggers.

Don’t you want to learn better ways to love those you love? That’s really all that it boils down to. They deserve that. And you deserve a peaceful environment to love, and be loved. Start with this: children are only ever doing what comes natural so they can’t be bullies, nor victims, and all of them can understand that they are all different and it’s never too early to learn how to appreciate and respect their differences. EVEN YOUR ADULT CHILDREN!

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