If you are peddling this message, STOP IT!

For a whole lot of people, family is their biggest source of pain, trauma and despair.

Families are only as healthy as the people in them.

"Family Over Everything" is a lovely concept, but most people are mentally and emotionally ill-equipped for relationships -- ALL OF THEM -- romantic, friendships, parenting, etc. So where is each family member supposed to learn interpersonal skills and personal growth tools if the people leading the families (parents/guardians) are ill-equipped?

Everybody needs love and everybody has the capacity for healthy love, but few have the ability because nobody just naturally develops the skills for it. THUS, unhealthy ties develop and before you know it your happiness is tied to what somebody else does and you go through life with unhealthy attachments.

If that's the best relationships you have, then it's time to expand your understanding, establish everlasting self-love and get the tools to create healthy ties.

People forget that the most important person on their journey is SELF!

You're responsible for yourself, and every other person is responsible for themselves.

The ideal is for parents to be mentally and emotionally healthy enough to raise healthy people, but that's not our reality. And as much as we seek "logical" explanations, some things are only as logical as you have allowed yourself to expand, emotionally; personal growth and development; to learn new things and universal principles that can make total sense of how your life is and how their lives are (every family member). There is a perfectly logical explanation/reason if you will expand your understanding.

You're struggling with your relationships because your bonds are unhealthy! And sometimes the only way for a person to get healthy is to cut off the unhealthy branch! There could come a time when a reunion is possible, but self preservation often needs the separation. That's why, "Family Over Everything" is a dangerous concept.

You have to be willing to mentally and emotionally develop yourself or the dysfunction that has become your "norm" will BE your life.

  • Are you married to misery and think it's just how it is, and has to be?
  • Do you believe that if the people you gave birth to aren't happy then you can't be?


RELEASE is not the same as ABANDON. They are 2 entirely different energies.

Too many of you are being fueled by guilt which is a useless and horrible emotion.

What other toxic emotions are you fueled by, that are preventing you from your own personal development so that you can enjoy life?

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