Ever look back at something you did and say, “Well damn. That was pretty frickin’ AWESOME!!”?  Well, I had one of those moments when I went back to listen to one of the many interviews I’ve done.  It was with the amazing Elayne Fluker, Founder of Chic Rebellion and Host of the Support Is Sexy Podcast. It’s below.

Let me tell you why I think it’s pretty FRICKIN’ AWESOME!  It may surprise you that I talk about not being liked by my mother and her having the right to feel that way. Of course, my mother would say it’s not true, but as the child interpreting treatment, my opinion trumped hers (although is she had better skills it didn’t have to) and my perspective which was NOT GOOD could have dictated our relationship for the rest of our lives (had I not been on a personal growth path). You may be experiencing the same, and without an intervention, that’s just how it goes! So it’s best, as a parent, to learn your child in order to truly accept your child so that you can learn to best love your child because it’s more than a feeling.

We each have different childhood experiences, and we can’t change what’s happened, but after mine I never wanted another child to know that feeling so I help parents minimize negative impacts on their parent/child relationships by understanding the reasons behind their children’s behaviors so that they can properly respond to their behaviors and not negatively impact the child and avoid the inevitable ripple effects on their relationship.

I’m no victim, so don’t feel sorry for me. My mother did me, and so many others a favor.  My life’s work as an individuality advocate is why I’m here so again, thank you, Momma!

If you’d like to skip ahead on the podcast to the part about my relationship with my Mother and why you, as a parent should care,  it happens around 10:45 into the conversation when Elayne asks me: Who Inspires Me.

I think you’ll come away with some valuable lessons and then you’ll also understand why it’s necessary to get control of any and all drama happening in your own household. It doesn’t only steal joy. It affects relationships in ways that are often irreparable.

Listen, and then continue to scroll so you can learn how to create a Drama Free Zone so that your love will prevail.


This work is fundamental for interpersonal savvy – at home, work, and in your daily life. The main system of this program uses family as basis for teaching because everybody comes from one; a group of people that impacted you from birth, and beyond. So when you understand them, fundamentally, the knowledge is transferable to, and will work on, every relationship!

Learn More: Drama-Free Zone

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