Let's look at where we sit now because of the U.S.'s black/white INTENTIONAL divide. The intentional divide between black and white people was further fueled with media marketing false narratives and flat out lies. In general, it worked!

The Only Way Not To Fear Is To Develop A Mindset That Insulates You From It; That's Going To Take Intention!

INTENTION because getting your mind right STARTS with understanding that you are an individual. Everything does not work the same for everybody, so determining what you need specifically is how you'll prevail in every situation. YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL.

Like it or not, AMERICA IS BROWNING, and our only way through this is how I believe we're intended to live anyhow, and that is together with our purposeful beautiful differences!

Let's look at where we sit now because of the U.S.'s black/white INTENTIONAL divide. The intentional divide between black and white people was further fueled with media marketing false narratives and flat out lies. In general, it worked!

For Example:  if you are white and were conditioned to believe that meant you were preferred, privileged and naturally powerful and thus better than black people, then that conditioning has shaped how you view people of color; that social conditioning prevents you from seeing non-white people as equal, thus human. And if you don't see every person as human, you've been conditioned with faux superiority, which means you're disconnected from all HUMANESS, including your own because in order to believe that, you had to betray yourself -- the REAL you -- because nobody is born with a superiority complex.

If you're white reading this, you might be saying, "I know people like that, but it's not me." That's fair! No two people have the same experience. The point is that, it is imperative that EACH person has the courage to determine their own specific social conditioning because YOU HAVE BEEN SOCIALLY CONDITIONED and it WILL sabotage unity.

Determining the degrees to which you were/are operating from "whiteness" conditioning will also show you what you need to undo in order to see non-white people in truth, not through your conditioning

And until you deal with that, YOU ARE NOT READY FOR UNITY. The racial divide is not really about the races as much as it is about YOU. The REAL you, the you BEFORE the social conditioning because THAT'S where your REAL (innate & colorless) power lies. That's what will enable you to understand the parts that were vulnerable to the conditioning and to unpack the ideologies that you carry. This process of returning to your original self enhances your overall life, and it lays the groundwork for UNITY to be possible.

WAIT...does that mean only white people have problematic conditioning? 

NOT AT ALL!! ALL people are socially conditioned. What each person has to work on is specific to the individual.

For Example: THE REAL WORK FOR BLACK PEOPLE is to stop re-traumatizing themselves with the racial tragedies of America. The racial history of America is tragic for black people. Having more people awaken to the atrocities and how they're still continuing is a big step toward that resolve. When the healing (each person returning to wholeness) of America is ACTIVE by more Americans, more healing (wholeness) will happen for all.

The nations healing (wholeness) will be in direct proportion to the stripped conditioning -- individually, consistently, and lovingly.

Unity is NECESSARY, but this next phase will not be a "Oh, I see the light now, sorry it took me so long", Kumbaya type of coming together. Black people are loving and forgiving, but not to be mistaken for stupid.  EVERYBODY has their own personal development work to do for this to be possible, and each person's work will be specific to who they are and how they've been conditioned. THIS COMING TOGETHER will be based on individual interactions of equal and whole hearts because of the individual equalizing healing not the kind of "toleration" previously lived by both sides. The equalizing is a necessary step because this next phase will be a true judging of character that can't be faked and as soon as you tap into the real you, you won't need to fear, nor to fake anything!

Their fear-mongering divisive marketing strategies -- all within your lifetime -- have worked BRILLIANTLY!

They created painful divides for all of us with individual and family breakdowns that can continue to have enormous generational ripple effect IF you leave them UNCHECKED!

How do you fix it?


Refuse to operate in fear now, and the ONLY way to do that is to understand how YOU specifically have been conditioned (not everybody who looks like you because your journey to wholeness will be SPECIFIC to YOU), so that you can cut through it with precision and get to the core of who you are, which has always been there, and regardless of how you've lived your core is still, pure love. 


 This next leg, whatever it will be is inescapable. You WILL be affected no matter where you go, so gaining clarity on how we got here and developing inner fortitude will give you the confidence to become and do what you need to for yourself, your family and your community. When enough of us do that we will have established the foundation necessary for Real UNITY that can close the racial divide, and when we do...