Personal Growth and Corporate Trainer & Relationships Educator

Author | Actor | Voice-Over Talent

Zara GreenYour Consigliere, is a 3-time author, speaker and trainer specializing in personal growth, resiliency development and individuality advocacy. 

Her corporate training career began many moons ago with Skillpath International teaching communications, leadership and interpersonal skills where she was in a different city everyday teaching 5 different subjects per day. Today she’s still called upon to teach the same subjects to now include Emotional Quotient and Adaptability Quotient and she customizes every training to suit her audience. 

Certified as a Heal Your LifeTM workshop leader (based on the philosophy of Louise Hay) and a student of many of personal growth greats.”

She is best known for helping others to understand individual temperaments as a key factor of healthy, productive life management, leading them to that place within that knows how to make their Next Decision BetterTM

Zara was following, studying and applying “new age” leaders like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer,  Abraham (Esther & Jerry) Hicks, Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, Mike Dooley, Gary Zukov, Eckert Tolle, Michael Beckwith etc. long before they became en vogue through Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Although she no longer identifies as Christian, she is a certified minister in the Christian faith. Her spiritual beliefs and practices incorporates many things and it is her inclusive spirituality that makes it possible for her to successfully work with anybody regardless of their spiritual practice(s). 

Along with her husband, Alfred Edmond, Jr they are co-principals of A2Z Personal Growth Enterprises, producer of the Grown ZoneTM Relationship Education platform and the authors of Loving in the Grown Zone: A No-Nonsense Guide to Making Healthy Decisions in the Quest for Loving, Romantic Relationships of Honor, Esteem and Respect (Balboa Press). 

What Others Say

Zara is also known for her popular Grown IS SexyTM and PooNannie PrinciplesTM messages and teachings, focusing on healthy relationship choices founded on love of self, respect of others, and taking personal responsibility for securing both.  

For women in particular, Green has garnered a passionate and vocal following for her teachings on proactively making H.E.R. TM—Honor, Esteem and Respect—a non-negotiable prerequisite to securing happy and fulfilled lives. 

She was featured for her personal development expertise in The Biography Channel’s feature on Ted Williams, the “man with the golden voice” pulled from homelessness into a national media feeding frenzy via YouTube. 

A native of and former director of public relations for the City of New Orleans (during Hurricane Katrina), and a graduate of Xavier University (also in New Orleans), Zara has also authored two audio books, Living In Harmony: The Art of Understanding Thoughts and Behaviors and Living By Design: How to Freely Be Who You Are.