It's Your Life!

My mission is to help you see HOW you are uniquely designed to think, feel, act and react which naturally positions you for a life entirely different than others, and when it's embraced it's naturally one of high self-esteem and healthier relationships with positive influence on those you love, and naturally prevents mental and emotional abuse and breakdowns; reverses damaging effects from your life experiences -- alleviates past hurts and current pains -- all of which will set you up to Enjoy the Rest of Your LIFE!

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Zara Green

After several career paths, courses and certifications completed while living and working from coast to coast, I'm now focused on doing the things I'm naturally designed for and what brings me the most joy: teaching adults and supporting them to identify and fill in personal growth gaps. It's not just about helping people feel good. It’s about expanding their awareness, and helping them get unstuck, make better relationship decisions and to get onto their own personal development path. I do that through my LIFE Course so that they too can live according to their individual designs, have consistent confidence, and develop the skills to enjoy the rest of their lives no matter their current circumstances.

After a short career as a news reporter and then years of working corporate leadership roles (including director of public relations for the city of New Orleans at the time of Hurricane Katrina), my introduction to corporate training was with SkillPath International Training Corp. -- in a different city everyday -- teaching 5 courses a day including communications, leadership and interpersonal skills. I’ve worked with major corporations and taught thousands of people in small groups and large crowds. I’m still called on today by Corporate America because of my developed expertise with temperaments and mindset management as it relates to change -- Adaptability Quotient in our changing world is a real game changer.

Certified as a Heal Your Life workshop leader based on the philosophy of Louise Hay and a student of many of personal growth greats, I am best known for helping others to understand individual temperaments as a key factor of healthy productive life management.

I was a student of “new age” leaders like Wayne Dyer, Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks), Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, Mike Dooley, Gary Zukof, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Beckwith, and “old school” Neville Goddard and Florence Scovel Schinn and many others long before they became en vogue through the likes of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.

I am a certified Christian minister/counselor. My current spiritual beliefs and practices incorporates many things and it is my all-inclusive expanded spirituality that makes it possible to successfully work with anybody regardless of their spiritual practices. I am the creator of the Grown Zone, a relationship education platform. Also known for my popular Grown Is Sexy! ™ and PooNannie Principles™ messages and teachings focusing on healthy relationship choices founded on self-love, respect for others, and taking personal responsibility for securing both.

I’m a 3-time author of personal growth and healthy relationships publications.

I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed. I enjoy teaching, connecting, the arts (I'm an actor and voiceover talent), dogs and traveling.