Our World Has Changed

that is great news!

...ready to TAKE your life and power back?

"TAKE" because the deception runs DEEP from the entities we were conditioned to trust. Daily, it's clearer how they've pitted us against each other with fabricated narratives to divide us and to create fear. AND THEY DID IT SUCCESSFULLY. We have ALL been their pawns.


Now, We Get To Be Our Own Saviors While Righting Their Wrongs, Starting With Ourselves -- We are NOT who, nor What They've Said We Are


SOME ARE READY! ...others are not.

Are You Ready? I AM!

Hi, I'm Zara Green.

I'm not new to this, I'm TRUE to this!

I have been returning people back to themselves -- back to their natural design of difference which is pure love, unifying families through individuality awareness training, and guiding individuals in distinguishing who they are from what they are conditioned for; closing their personal growth gaps, and also providing personal & professional development training for corporate teams, for most of my life.

Which Are You?

This work will help ANYBODY, but it's not FOR EVERYBODY. Some people will read the following and KNOW that because of their conditioning there's bound to be some things that will hinder their good intentions for UNITY and will want to get ahead of it, and others will think, NO...I'm a "good person" so I'll be fine, dive in full-force and then walk away with the belief that they gave it their all and it's just not possible, or create other stories about rejection when the truth is: you take who you are (conditioning too) with you no matter where you go...even those parts that are subconsciously driving you. SOME JUST AREN'T READY!

Are YOU Ready?



...so we will not fear.

The Only Way Not To Fear Is To Develop A Mindset That Insulates You From It; That's Going To Take Intention!

INTENTION because getting your mind right STARTS with getting your HEART right, especially if you are white and believe(d) that meant you were preferred, privileged and naturally powerful -- you have a heart condition; it's a natural by-product of the social conditioning that prevents you from seeing non-white people as equal, thus human. And if you don't see every person as human, you've been conditioned with faux superiority, which means you're disconnected from all HUMANESS, including your own.

And until you deal with that, YOU ARE NOT READY FOR UNITY. The racial divide is not really about the races as much as it is about YOU. You have to get to know THE REAL you;  to tap into your REAL power (innate & colorless) to understand your vulnerabilities and to unpack the ideologies that you carry. This process will aid significantly in stripping away the social conditioning -- a pre-requisite BEFORE UNITY is possible.

Unity is NECESSARY, but this next phase will not be a "Oh, I see the light now, sorry it took me so long", Kumbaya type of coming together. Black people are loving and forgiving, but not to be mistaken for stupid.  And EVERYBODY has their own work to do for this to be possible, and each person's work will be specific to who they are. THIS COMING TOGETHER will be based on individual interactions of equal and whole hearts. A true judging of character that can't be faked and as soon as you tap into the real you, you won't need to fear, nor fake anything! 

Their fear-mongering divisive marketing strategies -- all within your lifetime -- have worked BRILLIANTLY!

From race baiting, the illusion of political divides (because they've always ALL been on the same team -- and by now you see that it's not yours), to exaggerated narrations of dangers from the poked and the unpoked, all of which has created painful individual and family breakdowns with enormous generational ripple effect IF you leave them UNCHECKED!

How do you fix it?


Refuse to operate in fear now, and the ONLY way to do that is to understand how YOU specifically (not everybody who looks like you because your journey to wholeness will be SPECIFIC) have been conditioned so that you can cut through it with precision and get to the core of who you are, which has always been there, and regardless of how you've lived your core is still, love. 


 Getting effectively equipped for the next leg of this journey is about HUMANESS; tapping into your innate core value (which you likely do not even know you have -- more on that below) and becoming skillful at recognizing how YOU have been conditioned so you can expediently cut away at how their conditioning has and will hinder you on this next wave of life. THOSE 2 THINGS ALONE will give you enormous clarity, stamina and confidence to become and do what you need to for the inescapable journey ahead of usWhen enough of us do that we will have established the foundation necessary for Real UNITY that can close the racial divide, and when we do...




You Were Born For This and 
It's An Exciting Time To Be Alive

If you couldn't handle it you wouldn't be here. If you're 40 years or older, you have seen the many systems that make up our world, morph and in a lot of ways you've seen the writing on the wall. We've all felt levels of helplessness, but all we could do is hope they had our best interests at heart.



Taking your life back is about having the courage to lift your head out of the sand, stop making excuses for what is evident no matter how unbelievable it seems, and to embrace what is -- to look at all of it for what it is (the good, the bad and the ugly circumstances) that make up our world --  AND to get busy effectively equipping YOURSELF, mentally & emotionally with the tools necessary to apply all of your innate goodness to creating our new world as our old one peters out.

Here's why this is both a scary and exciting concept: for most of you you've not yet discovered all of your goodness; your special unique JuJu Mix; your special contribution that makes up who you are that will be critical to rebuilding YOU, your chosen family ("chosen" because for many their original nuclear feels irreparable and you can thank the systems for much of that too -- the core of this training specifically addresses that), and your chosen community -- which many of you will be building from scratch; YOU are needed in ways you can't yet see, and for a time such as this! THAT'S EXCITING! If you've never felt you mattered before and didn't know your value beyond the social conditioning, you matter now more than ever because righting their wrongs NEEDS your special Juju Mix. 

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They Didn't Want You To Know This

I was completely pissed about something I learned over 30 years and it's why my life's work became to return people back to themselves (this will make sense in a minute) and now, more than ever because of all of the blatant deceptions that have finally caught up with the US government, including it's permissiveness of major industry's misdeeds (which should be deemed as crimes) against its citizens (i.e. financial, medical, psychological and pharmaceutical industries), it feels fabulous to me that people are finally READY to take the wheel of their own lives!


A big reason why I have a psychology degree is because I was fascinated at how vastly different each of my family members were even though we grew up with the same conditions.


Early on in my college career, on my own, while hiding out in a quiet stairwell of the library alone (because I've always been "easily distracted" in a "ADD" kind of way) I saw something trapped that had slid in a crack, and it was as if it was calling me to it. So with everything I had, after about an hour I freed it. It was a book that had clearly not seen the light of day in ages. It was dusty and as if it had never been cracked --  in it I discovered the origin of psychology, which is all about understanding how each of us are born with our own unique design of difference and all the ways to make the most of our individual designs -- I call it your special unique JuJu Mix. The ways each of us thinks and feels are different, intentional, and purposeful, and when we understand our own we can totally modulate our behaviors, and no person has to ever feel inadequate or broken -- that's what the origin of psychology does.


We're all born whole. Nobody is born with a psychological disorder (Neurological? That's different, and I still think it's equally as damaging to call them a "disorder"), yet people have been convinced that they are "broken" because their marketing works, and they did such an amazing job squelching the origin and villainizing any practices that aren't sanctioned with credentials by them, that their made up psychology is now the "norm". 

I learned better than that, and know that nobody is broken, but I also understand that between the pressure cooker they created that IS the United States and their bombardment of (direct) marketing to us about our brokenness, why people believe they are.

Imagine my excitement when my family, whom had perplexed me my entire life, I finally understood. With EAGER ANTICIPATION I waited to get to that part of my studies, which never came.

We never got to the origin of our natural thoughts and emotions based on our individual designs, instead it was all about the "bible" of psychology: the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders), looking at behaviors to diagnose and medicate. I was sure it was an oversight, or that I'd missed a course. After going to my student guidance counselor, and then a few professors to inquire, and they all looked at me like I had 3 heads as I asked about when we would get to "that" part, which they had no idea about -- hadn't even heard of it (yet they ALL had many many letters behind their names) -- I then went to the Dean of Psychology and he was more confused than the professors. 

First, I was in disbelief. Then I was hurt, because why had that been omitted from the whole damn practice -- is it education or indoctrination? 

WAIT...it's not just Psychology.

Is it sick-care (not healthcare) in the U.S. too?

Wellness was the origin, and they squelched all the origins of wellness even diluting the effectiveness by classifying wellness as "alternative" and "new age" and not covering it with insurances and when they do, it's partial. Most people accept diagnoses and follow whatever course of action given when medical doctors only get 1 class of nutrition -- is it education or indoctrination?


WAIT...it's not just Psychology and Medical.

Most people who accept whatever course of action people in white coats give, also take whatever drugs are prescribed, which way too often further compounds their issues and in my book they're all synthetic dope-pushers because there are natural effective remedies for EVERYTHING -- many that have been criminalized by the U.S. government. The practices between these 3 industries alone, again I ask -- is it education or indoctrination?

Psychology | Medical | Pharmaceutical


Well, at the time I was faced with the question, I didn't know the answer, so I went in search of everything I could find at that time on the origin of psychology, which wasn't much, and I found the 1 expert on the subject at that time (whose mission was to help parents raise their kids according to their temperaments). I found out where her seminars were and flew to meet her. I became even more determined.

I followed with 2 of my own publications, simplifying the process. I became a personal development junkie and always included growth tools to enhance individuality and relationships, including mindset management to remain solid no matter what life throws -- Mindset encompasses many things, and when they synthesize life truly is, blissful!  The 1st 2 of my 3 publications are still part of the courses I teach today. The other is a more recent book, Loving in The Grown Zone, and it is available wherever you buy books.

And that is how my life's work became returning people back to themselves -- to the distinctive deliciousness we each possess that is perfect for you whomever you are, every day of your life, in every situation and on every leg of your individual journey. Those are the parts of you the government, using it's constructed world of psychology (designed to cause you to feel broken) along with it's other conditioning entities and lies creating as much division as they could, has kept from you and never wanted you to know about you. , Imagine, if we led with the intangible immutable parts of ourselves then we would all be equal -- all just human -- but since they kept that hidden and focused on the external attributes and behaviors (all created narratives) then it made us all easier to control. But that's NO EXCUSE! The ONLY response is TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY!

Every area of your life could have been different if you, and those you love understood this because there's NO DOUBT that your family has suffered due to this too. This deliberate coverup has made every relationship harder, including the one you have with yourself because by teenage years every person has been conditioned to view life through the lens of The 3 Hindering "I"s: inadequacy, insecurity, and inferiority because anybody who appears different than what society through it's constructs and deceptive narratives have deemed normal is also considered wrong or bad through social conditioning. It was all part of their plan.

How else could they get you to believe you're broken, or your neighbor is broken and thus accept their sub-human lies, psychological labels and pharmaceutical drugs? Nobody was born with a psychological "disorder", but over the past 3 decades how many do you know who have "developed" them and are medicated, or so stressed that through anxiety or depression take them?

Zara Green

"If I'd allow them I'd have a label (or 2) and be on their drugs too. I saw the writing on the wall, early. Actually, my father was my 1st line of defense when they tried even before I was in college, and he blocked it. I learned to cooperate with my natural design of differences (there are so many natural ways) and through that process of acceptance I tapped into my brilliance. I know FOR SURE that every single person can too. I am never confused about the brilliance every person is endued with, and nothing brings me more joy than seeing them finally recognize their own. And the beauty in how I teach it is that when you tap into yours, you will never doubt that every single person is endued with their own brilliance too; their own special Juju mix!"

NOW MORE THAN EVERit's time that you return back to self.

When you are returned back to self you'll also tap into your own innate source of power (because contrary to popular opinion, nobody else can empower you) for the journey ahead, cutting away the conditioning, and to embrace our newness with NO FEAR!

I stopped being angry at the indoctrinations and their white coats when I got on my own path to making a difference in the lives of individual's and their families, and now there are many people who have "seen the light" -- the truth about all of the aforementioned areas (although there are more) who now know better.

We don't have to fight what is when we are equipped to operate, differently. 



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