Who Is Zara Green?

 Personal Growth Trainer & Relationships Educator

Author | Actor | Voice-Over Talent


YES, I completely missed the memo that I could ONLY do one thing.

There are things I can do well, but don’t much like so I don’t do them. Then there are things that I really enjoy and am good at, which I make time for.  Who says I have to choose just one, or only do one at a time? …doesn’t matter, I’m not listening!

My career has been a blend of my formal education: psychology and communications.

I specialize in personal growth, resiliency development and individuality advocacy. Currently, I help people sort through a myriad of personal and relationship challenges and crisis situations through 1-on-1 coaching. I’m a public speaker and I provide group training along with my husband, Alfred Edmond Jr on our other platform The Grown Zone,  a relationship education company that teaches individuals and group training, but also provides Love and Money training at conferences and as part of corporations Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) teaching the financial implications of relationship choices and how it impacts professional life.

I’m a certified Christian minister, although I’m no longer a practicing Christian…clutch your pearls – you, and (still) some family members since I come from a long line of pastors. I’m a certified Heal Your Life™ Workshop Leader (based on the philosophy of Louise Hay). I’m the creator of the temperament system, What Is Your Priority?  created to help individuals to understand their own unique design to live authentic lives based on what distinguishes you from everybody else — your true genius — and to improve the quality of relationships — helping families to get along; to understand and communicate according to each person’s individual design, which significantly increases individual confidence, family unity and minimizes conflict.


Started in broadcasting – a news reporter, radio and television and let me tell ya it quickly loss its glamour.  After covering one too many murders on the streets of New Orleans in the early 90’s I’d had enough! …of news, not production.

Held a few corporate jobs in Atlanta from human resources to public relations, all depended on my communications, leadership and interpersonal skills while establishing myself as a print, commercial and voice-over talent with agency representation.

Began volunteering at shelters teaching  personal growth and providing job training skills. I wanted more of that so I began working as traveling trainer for SkillPath International, and I fell in love with seeing people have light bulb moments. I fell in love with training; teaching adults professional development and personal growth. Loved the work, but hated the grind. I was literally in a different city everyday – left home on Sunday for what we called a “swing” and after every work day I was headed to the airport or driving a rental car for the next city to do it all over again until I returned home on Friday (if I didn’t get snowed in somewhere, like Sioux Falls, South Dakota).

Somewhere in there I married twice and entered a 2 year ministry education/counseling program. Before graduating I’d already began to struggle with the concepts I’d known and lived, and my life as I knew it began to turn (what I now know as) right-side up though it felt like an utter breakdown. Soon after, I left 2nd husband and everything I knew behind for Los Angeles – LaLa Land – where nobody knew my name and had no expectations of me; where I could get to know me again, freely and on my own terms.

Once I felt grounded and found my center after working many productions I returned home, to New Orleans, where I was when Hurricane Katrina struck serving as Director of Public Relations for the City, under Mayor C. Ray Nagin – *side-eye stare* oooouuueee child! NOPE…I ain’t saying no more about it. At least not here.

Today, I carry within me the best of all that I’ve been and have been through. I specialize in personal growth (not as optional learning, but as the foundation all others stand on), resiliency development (because the breakdowns of every individual happens when they’re trusting in something outside of themselves rather than developing internal tools to handle whatever life throws) and individuality advocacy (because everybody needs a safe place to just be – where they’re honored, esteemed and respected for their unique design of difference).

For over 2 decades I’ve been known for helping others to understand individual temperaments as a key factor of healthy, productive life management with a focus on, Next Decision Better™, which leaves no room for blame, shame, guilt or criticisms –  just progress.

The consistent theme for me is H.E.R.™—Honor, Esteem and Respect—a non-negotiable priority in order to secure happy and fulfilled lives.

For fun and fitness I do CrossFit, at least, 5 days per week – I LOVE IT!