Godliness Is Embracing Oneness; Anything Else Is Divisive

I love this image. It was my cover page for years on Facebook because it represents all that I believe, religiously.

Life is a journey, and you may not currently feel this way, but if you don’t have a mindset of inclusion I believe it’s in your best interest to challenge your belief system. The mindset of ONENESS is the ONLY cure to every divisive act, emotion and thought.

If you practice a religion then it doesn’t matter the path, all roads lead to ONE God — not all healthy practices, but the fact that you believe in something bigger than you is a choice, why not embrace that it’s ONE loving and fair God?

I pray well with others, and I don’t believe God prefers one religion over another. That hasn’t always been the case for me. I was once of the belief that there was only 1-way. That belief, by it’s very nature, is divisive. Today, I intentionally challenge every belief against LOVE; that’s my religion.