Matt Lauer, Another “Victim” of the #MeToo Movement Or Just Like Somebody You Know?

I’m shocked at how many people are shocked! “How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly?, Samantha Guthrie, Lauer’s former colleague asked.” I’ll tell you how…embrace truth! Stop lying to yourselves! You only ever know what someone wants you to know about them…it’s that simple! You only ever […]

How Women Give Their Power Away By Dimming Their Light Around Men

The messages young boys and girls get, still today, are dis-empowering to both, and unhealthy for their eventual unions. These messages are being perpetuated by men and women and they’re destructive. Are you and your beliefs part of the problem? Woman, you’ve got to be willing to challenge your beliefs in order to free yourself […]

How A Man Abandoned By Both Parents Became A Model Father

My Dad Is A Daddyless Son But Not His Father’s Choices My father only had one directive for all of us – do better than I have. But let me tell you, even with only an 8th grade education and an abandoned child from the racially segregated deep south of rural Louisiana, those are some big […]

You Won’t Know Peace Until You Embrace What Makes You Different

Feel like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole? THEN STOP IT! You’re a unique square peg! The sooner you accept that the better you’ll be. The truth is: we all are unique square pegs, individually designed for our individual path of life and purpose! Problem is: most try to fit what […]

How Labeling Children Bullies (Or Victims) Taints Their Futures

You Have 2 Choices: Be Your Child’s Champion For Greatness or Yet Another Challenge For Them To Overcome If you have a child that has been labeled a bully or one who’s being bullied then learning the ways that we naturally differ is essential to your peace of mind, your child’s positive development and the […]