Matt Lauer, Another “Victim” of the #MeToo Movement Or Just Like Somebody You Know?

I’m shocked at how many people are shocked!
“How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly?, Samantha Guthrie, Lauer’s former colleague asked.” I’ll tell you how…embrace truth! Stop lying to yourselves! You only ever know what someone wants you to know about them…it’s that simple!

You only ever know what someone wants you to know about them…it’s that simple!

We ALL know men who have “behaved badly” (the niceties drive me nuts…”behave badly?” No he, and others like him are penis-led assholes who try to or do force sexual advancements that objectify women (and for some, men too!). That’s not behaving badly it’s predatory as well as mentally, emotionally and physically damaging to their subjects) and we have a culture that has groomed them to be that way, and not just by men. Women too! How about that for truth?
Yes, women! I’m not talking about those who have been victimized, and in no way am I saying a woman ever asks for it. No! I’m talking about the ways women contribute to the ways boys are sexually acculturated and it starts young!

Women too have been acculturated and that’s almost sadder to me than the men who objectify.

I’m talking about the women who think it’s okay to “gram ‘em by the pussy” or who don’t know Matt Lauer from a can of paint but because they’ve watched him every morning for 25 years are running to his defense. Those who brush objectification off as “boys will be boys” and those who encourage boys to “sow their oats” as if nobody is being hurt by their “bad behavior”.
Women too have been acculturated and that’s almost sadder to me than the men who objectify.
We won’t change this if we don’t start dealing in truths. This shit happens, and the men we love are the offenders. Truth people! We can change this shit if we’ll dare deal in truths.
This is also not a “revelation”. Call the shit what it is: an exposure because this side of him has been revealed to the women who “knew” him in this way; those he showed this side of him to!
And as much as some of us love to hate Donald Trump it was his “grab ’em by the pussy” we can thank for men of “power” falling like dominos for “behaving badly. I don’t like him as president, but I file this in the “things happen as they ought” category.
I, for one, am happy to see the dominos fall! And if it turns out that somebody I love goes down, I will acknowledge them for their WHOLE person, not defend them for the parts I knew.  That’s what Grown people do! #GrownZone

If you don’t stop being shocked, rather embrace what is, then as a society we won’t grown! None of these men Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Russell Simmons, Louis C.K.,  Al Franken,  Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, nor the those yet to be exposed expected this end because it really was okay in the worlds they grew up in. Not right, but acceptable. Thankfully, not anymore! Brace yourselves, it’s going to hit closer to home for you in order for real change to happen.

Listen, I’m part of the movement: #MeToo for my entire fucking life and the higher I rise, the more egregious they are! And I know and love many who have fallen prey, and have been predators. So I say fall, motherfuckers, fall!
I don’t know if he had anything to do with Ann Curry’s departure (forcing out), but if he did it’s a very public example of what women lose opportunities, and how men have mostly gone unblemished because of sexual shit in the work place.
We all have so much work to do with accepting what is, not sweeping the hard stuff under rugs and daring to, instead accept that if one of us does it, all of us are capable. So while I embrace consequential justice I’m also a believer in intentional individual transformation.
So yes, fall, but I sure look forward to the rebuilding and rise of all of them as better men, and all us as better people who will remove the hierarchies and close gaps of divisive isms; giving way for more to see through the lens of ONENESS!











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