Why People Who Always Agree With You Aren’t Good For You

Be careful of “yes people”; those who agree with you all the time.

Most people are either cowards, don’t have a vested interest in your progress, or really don’t know enough to check you when you’re wrong. When you’re surrounded by “yes people” your views are likely skewed to your disadvantage, gaining momentum and running you into a ditch and you’ll have no clue how you got there, nor how to get out.

Needing your ego stroked makes you feel good, but it’s not good for you.

Get yourself a few folks around you that you respect who will check you when you’re wrong or off base. I call them “human bumpers”. I’m always in search of some human bumpers. They’ll make you better, not just make you feel good.

If you avoid the hard stuff, or are protected/shielded from unpleasant experiences how will you ever learn to effectively deal with them?! Think about when you’re challenged in your professional life. You don’t run, you buckle down and learn. If you’re not challenged in your personal life you’re not working muscles responsible for critical thinking, resourcefulness, and learning to navigate change that leads to real mental, emotional, and behavioral transformation. Disagreements work good like medicine when you see them as growth opportunities, not opposition.

Personal growth happens when you EMBRACE what is with a willing heart, a resolute mind and a cooperative spirit. Stuff HAPPENS, but nothing happens TO you; it’s one of my philosophies of life and it’s served me brilliantly! Go ahead and adopt it. This kind of living will separate the petty from the meaningful and you’ll enjoy more of life.

I’m a human bumper. And I appreciate human bumpers – people confident enough in themselves to live authentically, and to keep me honest about living in truths.

Vibe UP! xo


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