How To Turn The Shattered Pieces Of Life Into A Master Piece

Sometimes it’s a small change. Other times life knocks you with a blow that seems unimaginable! This might not feel good, but it’s the truth: every person will eventually know what it means to be devastated. If you haven’t already, you WILL have what I call your “Hurricane Katrina” experience (as I have, literally); when life as you know it is ripped from under you, or when you learn a “truth” about somebody who’s not who you thought they were, or when a condition is unveiled, or when you realize that nothing and nobody are as you’ve believed.

Whether it’s already happened, it’s happening now or it’s yet to be realized, here’s what you need to know: what somebody else does is NOT a reflection of you but an amplification of them. And to learn the truth about a situation is the point that you know (learn about) the truth, but the truth was there, and just because things drastically change your life doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life, but it does mean that you have to adapt to the newness with the same measure of the change(s). THAT, is the hard part but it wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t possible!

It is in that moment when it’s happening (while it will hurt) that you must also be grateful for whatever is left even if it’s just breath.

If it’s a betrayal you must be grateful for truth because unless you’re operating based on truth, you live lies.

Pick up the pieces, Baby, for they will be the cornerstones that support your new life; your masterpiece.

Nothing happens TO you – life is just happening!

Good happens, bad happens and outright ugly happens in the life of every single person and each of us, based on our personal growth or the lack thereof, reacts or responds. Which, has everything to do with mindset.

To react, means you’re totally operating on raw emotion – and it’s your default setting. In that case, nothing learned is nothing earned.

Consider this: You’ve got to learn your job effectively in order to earn a living to supply your needs. You’ve got to  earn a reputation to be trusted through merit. And in that same way, you have to learn to respond effectively to whatever life sends your way because it’s the only way to cooperate with what is, and grow thereby.

Do. Not. Neglect. Personal. Growth.

The Price You’ll Pay Will Always Be More Than You Can Afford.

Here’s what it boils down to: you’ve got to be willing to L.E.G. Up – Learn more, Embrace truths and Grow UP! Change happens to develop you not to punish you, but you’ve got to be willing to embrace change as it comes , to make changes when necessary, learn from every experience and grow because of them.

You’ve got to choose, no matter how difficult, to make your Next Decision Better™!



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