There Are No Cookie-Cutter Solutions To YOUR Challenges

ONLY solutions that are right for YOU!

 I specialize in personal growth, resiliency development and individuality advocacy. Along with my husband, we operate a relationship education business, The Grown Zone.

I help high-achieving professionals close personal growth gaps so that they can know the same levels of success in their personal lives as in their professional lives.

The people I serve are in the corrective and recovery phases of life; after issues in their personal lives have compounded and life has made it clear that their professional aptitude is no match for their personal problems — some that have stemmed from childhood, others from poor decisions later in life. I’m conditioned to see the gaps — I know the right questions to ask, the assessments to apply and the distinctions to make to help them determine solutions that are right for them based on who they are and their individual life’s contributing particulars.

Though challenges are inevitable we’re each capable of embracing them all and enjoying life as we work on identifying and closing the gaps — the real sources of your personal problems.

So what’s bugging you?

Let me help you unpack it, make your load light and your life livelier!